US online sales rise 43%

US online sales rise 43% Walmart  this morning posted strong holiday sales growth for its holiday quarter, with U.S. sales up 4.2 percent over the same time last year, and a 43 percent rise in Walmart’s U.S. e-commerce sales. The retailer topped analyst expectations, with $138.8 billion in revenue for the quarter, just ahead of

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Buying Health Insurance

Buying Health Insurance There are several criteria to keep in mind when choosing from the best health insurance companies including financial strength, customer service ratings, claims service, plan prices, policy offerings, coverage benefits, and provider choices. There is no one “best” health insurance company, but the best one for you will

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Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology Trends Original Article When 2019 came to a close, we reached the end of a decade in which much changed on the technology front. In 2010, smartphones were on the cusp of becoming ubiquitous, DVDs were still the preferred way to watch a movie at home and

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Our Market in 2020

Our Market in 2020 That’s been our mantra for 2020. And investors have rung the register over and over again this year following that simple trend. The Nasdaq soared to new all-time highs. Individual standouts, like Zoom Video Communications (Nasdaq: ZM), have surged nearly 600% year to date. But a couple of

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