Outsource Management Services

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SERELLA Outsource Management Services provide our clients with the expertise and know-how to effectively manage their Third Party Agreements. Using our own developed “Outsourcing Engagement Process”, we assist our clients to select the right supplier, provide guidance in the transition phase as well as managing the day-to-day operational and service aspects of each outsource agreement.

We categorized our services into 3 major phases;

  • Selection phase: We help our clients to select the right vendor for their outsource engagement.
  • Transition phase: We help both client and supplier in order to have a successful start for the engagement.
  • Managment Phase: Managing day-to-day activities.

In the transition phase, we work with our client and the supplier using our unique process in order to make sure both parties are working together as a team and the transition is smoothly progressing. We assist both parties with transition plans and activities. SERELLA will be the communication channel between the client and the supplier. The major benefits of the transition phase are that services are not suffering while the transition is in progress between the client and the supplier.

Day-to-day activities include governance management which is the driver for the success of the engagement. Governance management includes effective communication, escalation of issues and problems, and scope management. SERELLA also provides service management. Outsourcing Management Services will help verify compliance with the service level agreement. SERELLA will confirm supplier deliverables to outsourcing SLAs. Cost savings, superior engagement, and cost-effective outsourcing engagement will be the key benefits for using our outsource management services.

Outsource Management Services

One of our unique solutions is to help Organizations in selecting the right Outsource Partner and develop processes in order to implement successful outsourcing models. This is very critical when in-house resources are gone and outsourced partners take control of the business technology needs. At the beginning of each engagement, chaos can reign and, IT and outsourced organizations suffer unless the right processes are in place. It is tempting for organizations to put the blame on “Change” itself and hire further Outsourced Expertise to come to help them out implementing the “Change” Big Mistake! At SERELLA, we bring our expertise by helping organizations implement Successful Outsourcing Solutions using our tried and tested “Process for Outsourcing”

Our established partnership with Hostway Corporation, a global leader in Infrastructure and Cloud Services allows SERELLA Consulting to offer its customers Hostway’s Award-Winning suite of cloud and managed hosting solutions. Please read the Press Release detailing our Partnership.

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