The Phase-by-Phase™ Approach is a unique way of providing consulting services to the business world. Phase-by-Phase™ approach provides a customized, immersive experience that yields actionable next steps.

Thanks to our Phase-by-Phase™ approach process, we create a unique, lasting partnership with our clients. We build trust slowly & demonstrably with our clients rather than asking our clients for their implicit trust.

Besides working with credentialed hospitals and large Health Insurance companies, for the last few years, Serella consultants have expanded their working relationship to include International Health Providers. The team provides consulting, market research, as well as marketing and web management services in the Medical Tourism Industry.

The idea of patients seeking reputable,yet cost-effective healthcare outside of their home countries is becoming increasingly popular. Because some medical and cosmetic treatments can be expensive, patients are considering medical tourism, where they are able reduce their out-of-pocket expenses not covered by their health insurance plan, by opting for treatment in another country, without forfeiting quality.

In this 100-billion-dollar industry, Serella Consulting serves as a liaison between key medical tourism providers and patients requiring treatment in specific countries. Serella Consulting is honored to hold a Medical Tourism Professional Certification from Medical Tourism Association.

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